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Suppose you have been charged with a traffic offence in Adelaide. In this case, you need excellent legal representation from an expert lawyer who knows how to help you. Our lawyers at Evans Testa Barristers and Solicitors are experienced, professional, and affordable. We offer professional advice and help you achieve the best possible results. Our lawyers pride themselves on ensuring a dedicated solicitor handles your matter from start to finish. This provides you with 24-hour access to our legal representation and support.

We strive to be as convenient as possible. You can meet us at one of our offices in Adelaide’s CBD, West Lakes, and the North East. Our team can also come to you for home visits if required. We represent clients in every court jurisdiction across South Australia, from the city to suburban courts, country, and interstate courts. Our team is just a phone call away when you need legal assistance.


Your Ideal Traffic Lawyers in Adelaide

As the leading traffic lawyers in Adelaide, we build strong relationships with our clients. This enables us to tailor our services to suit their needs. We believe that honesty is the foundation of excellent legal representation. Our team provides straightforward advice, but we are empathic as well, explaining to you the possible penalties and the defence we can use in your case. We can help you with various traffic offences, including;

1. Drunk driving
2. Drug driving
3. Driving while unlicensed, suspended or disqualified


4. Reckless driving
5. Dangerous driving, causing harm or death
6. Speeding

Some traffic offences may sound minor but carry hefty penalties like losing your license, high fines, and imprisonment. Drunk driving will lead to loss of license for at least three months, even if it’s your first offence. Remember that you can be charged with a DUI even if the police don’t take an alcohol or drug reading. The police can charge you with traffic offences that may be overwhelming to understand. So, ensure you call our lawyers to help you navigate these complexities.


Contacting Our Traffic Lawyers in Adelaide

With over 40 years of combined experience, our lawyers operate on the foundation of invaluable knowledge and practical application of the law. We work in public and private areas, ensuring we can represent anyone. The firm was created after founders, Phil and Lauraine, decided to eliminate the legal jargon from the process that can often dominate the conversation. Instead, we offer straightforward, meaningful advice and cost-effective solutions.

Besides traffic offences, you can also rely on us for civil disputes & litigation, commercial law, family law, personal injury, and wills & estates law. We have built a reputation across South Australia due to our professional legal services. We understand that the law can be confusing, and you may not be able to defend yourself. Our traffic lawyers in Adelaide remove the stress from the situation and deal with the case to ensure the best possible outcomes.

For trustworthy and quality legal advice, please call our traffic lawyers in Adelaide today for more information.