Personal Injury Law

Our vast experience allows us to provide you with expert guidance in pursuing claims for injury sustained in numerous situations.

Product Liability allows people who suffer injury or loss as the result of a defective product to take legal action for compensation.

  • A product is defective if it does not provide the level of safety that the community generally is entitled to expect.
  • A company who either manufactured, supplied or imported the product may be liable.
  • Management of these claims is complicated and legal guidance is a necessity.
  • Professional Negligence may involve injury or loss suffered due to a professional failing to provide a service with the degree of skill expected of them. Such professionals may include accountants, engineers and health practitioners.

This area of law is complex & requires expert legal advice.


Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Claims are lump sum payments paid as a result of a person sustaining injury. They are usually made through an insurer or a superannuation fund.

To lodge a successful claim, a person usually has to prove that they are unable to perform their normal working role or any suitable work in light of their experience, education or training.

In effect, a person must show that they are unfit to undertake work that they have the skills to do. The disability does not have to be work related and may, for example, include mental illness, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, car accident injuries or injuries sustained due to a fall.

The claims process is often daunting and legal guidance is a necessity.

Criminal Injuries Compensation allows for victims of criminal acts to be compensated for their injuries.

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