Good Criminal Defence Lawyer in Adelaide

How To Choose A Good Criminal Defence Lawyer in Adelaide

While we hope it is not the case but there may come a time when you are charged with a criminal offence. There are many types of criminal offences lawyer and if found guilty, the punishment varies depending on the crime. Whatever your circumstances, it is essential that you find the right legal representation as early as possible. It is fair to say that not all legal representatives are equal.  When you discuss experience as a factor, it is clear that some lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with criminal law whereas others might be less experienced. That is not the only issue to consider when selecting your lawyer but it is certainly a relevant one. It is important for you to understand that having the right legal representation early can make an enormous difference to the outcome of your matter. Someone with expertise and experience, and who is prepared to take the time and make the effort to understand your situation, can make a significant difference in the outcome that may be achieved. It goes without saying that a lawyer’s expertise will likely impact the outcome of your matter.

So How Do You Find The Right Lawyer?

The four main qualities you should consider are as follows.

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Availability; and
  • Communication

As mentioned above, experience is a key factor in your choice. Finding a lawyers Adelaide who is experienced is good but finding a lawyer who is experienced in the type of criminal matter with which you have been charged is even better. A lawyer, who knows the procedure in dealing with a crime you are charged with, is a lawyer you seriously need to consider. Just because a lawyer is qualified doesn’t necessarily mean that they are an expert in the area in which you find yourself. It is in your interest to satisfy yourself that the lawyer you are dealing with knows about your type of matter and is of suitable experience to deal with it for you. Ask question whether they have dealt with cases similar to yours? What results have they achieved? How would you go about defending me in my particular situation? For many people, facing a criminal charge is a very stressful time particularly if this is the first time they have been in this situation.

You need good access to a good legal representative. If the lawyer you easy to contact and easy to communicate with, then half the stress is gone.  It is not unreasonable to ask if your lawyer will be available after hours or can give you the time you need.  You need to be confident you’re your lawyer is capable of putting you at the forefront when you need. A lawyer and his or her client have a special relationship. You need to feel confident in the way your case is being handled and you need to be able to get your point across and understand the responses you receive. If the communication is not free-flowing or the use of big words make it difficult for you, again you will find your stress levels rising at a time when that’s the last thing you want. You will want a lawyer that can speak your language, or in a way you can easily understand. We make ourselves available for discussions over the phone or in person, whatever suits you and your needs.  Don’t settle for anything other than the right lawyer.