When Should You Get Legal Assistance For Family Matters?

If you need a lawyer to assist with your family law matter or divorce, you are already going through a very stressful time in your life. When it comes to family law, we understand that there is a lot at stake. Getting proper legal advice about your family law issue is important.

Legal issues involving family relationships, may include:

Child-related issues such as child custody:

When going through a divorce or separation, you may have various questions about custody issues. A good family lawyer Adelaide is needed in such situations to help you understand more about custody. It is never an easy decision to end a relationship and parents must agree to make the best decisions, and agree upon care arrangements for, their children.

Property settlements such as asset and property distribution:

When separating following the breakdown of a relationship or marriage it is important to know about your entitlements and rights. The first step in any property settlement matter is for the parties to identify the property pool of the relationship that can include the assets, liabilities and superannuation interests before assessing welfare of the family, current and future financial position, the length of the relationship, etc. It is imperative to obtain legal advice early on the following separation to ensure that all relevant matters are taken into consideration before any agreement is discussed and reached.

Divorce applications:

A family lawyer can help you file for divorce, carry out all the paperwork and negotiate between the involved parties.

Other areas covered include:

Spousal maintenance

Pre- or postnuptial agreements

Parental relocation 

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Family law and the important decisions ahead of you can feel like an emotional roller coaster. That is why you need a reliable and committed family lawyer who can fully understand the nuances of your family history and the present situation and approach the issue with proper care and guidance. We do our best to make things simpler and less stressful for you and your family when dealing with any family law issue. It is reassuring to know that an experienced legal advocate is on your side.

Respected And Reliable Advocacy For Complex Family Law Cases Adelaide

ET Barristers and Solicitors can help you with child custody and support and handling all elements of family and divorce lawyer Adelaide. From our law office in Adelaide, we focus on guiding people through these stressful times to a future they can be happy with. If you are concerned about child custody, child support, property division for a high net worth divorce or sensitive domestic violence issues, we will work with you and resolve for the best possible outcome. We can suggest the best process forward for your particular circumstances, such as:

  • Family Dispute Resolution/Mediation;
  • Consent Orders; or
  • Issuing Court proceedings and more.

As your Family Lawyers we will work to relieve the legal complications and stress that family legal disputes may bring. Our Family Law lawyers are well regarded in the community and we can help you determine the right procedure and compassionately handle even the most complex cases. We will guide you through the process with the goal of helping you finalise an agreement to resolve the dispute to the best of our abilities. We are efficient with your time and dedicated to resolving your family law issue so you can move on with your life.

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