New Year. New Will.

New Year. New Will.

The dawning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to update your will or create one for the first time.

A legal will ensures that your intentions are carried out after you die. It ensures that your estate is divided amongst your loved ones exactly how you intend it to be.

If you die intestate or without a will laws direct how your estate is divided which may not always align with your intentions.

For example, if you have separated from your spouse but aren’t yet divorced they are still your legal spouse and will have entitlements to inherit your estate. If you do not have a will, these entitlements are presumed.

When drafting your will it is important to also consider protecting what matters during your lifetime by ensuring you have a power of attorney and advance care directive in place.

A power of attorney appoints people you approve of to make legal decisions on your behalf if you can’t.

An advance care directive appoints people to make health decisions on your behalf if you can’t.

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