How To Hire The Right Child Custody Lawyer For You

How To Hire The Right Child Custody Lawyer For You

So, you’re going through a divorce or separation and are seeking more clarity on how to pick and choose the right custody lawyer for you?

If you want the best possible outcome for you and your family then you’re in the right place.

You probably have the questions….

“Where are my children going to live?”


“What are the custody agreements going to be like?”

It’s easy to quickly see how much risk is at stake.

And by the time you’ve finished reading this blog, you will have a grounded understanding of the simple steps to take immediately so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed or panicked.

Remember, this process doesn’t have to be as challenging or confusing as you may think. Hiring the right custody lawyer is a lot simpler than you may expect.

3 must knows:

1) Family law

A family lawyer will assist in advising you of your rights given the complexities & potential loopholes that exist within family law.
Your family lawyer will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome, taking the stress out of the situation.
They will assist you with dealing with the large amounts of documentation to prepare and if required, will appear in court.

2) Child custody law

The focus of the law is upon the rights of children.
When families separate, the important issues remain in terms of who children will live with, who they will spend time with & who will make important decisions in terms of health, education & religion.
Going to court is a last resort as it is easier to agree to arrangements for children through a document that all parties agree on.
If this cannot be done, a Court would need to provide orders as to children.

3) What you child custody lawyer will do

Your child custody lawyer will work together with the parents to settle any disputes and challenges.

If the matter goes to court, (which is the last resort), they will try persuade the court that their client is better fit to take care of a child.

This process is stressful and technical and it is imperative that you seek legal advice before agreeing to any matters concerning children. Any agreement put in place will apply until children reach the age of 18 so the importance of obtaining legal advice before agreeing to the terms of any document is clear. A properly considered and drafted agreement in terms of children will give all parties peace of mind into the future.
Parents and/or grandparents may have the standing to obtain Orders regarding children so it is important to seek legal advice.

However, have a look for yourself and read some of our current testimonials from our past happy clients:

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1. Do your research. Whether that’s researching online, speaking to trusted friends and family, reading reviews.

2. Once you’ve created a short list of potential attorneys you’d like to get to know further, schedule a consultation. This is where it’s essential for you to pay attention to how the lawyer
makes you feel – notice their mannerisms, how accommodating they make you feel and whether you feel comfortable in the space.

3. Asking the right questions

Prepare a short list of questions prior to your consultation to ensure you optimise the time spent with your lawyer.

You may want to include questions such as:

1. Have you handled a case similar to this previously?
2. Do you feel I have a strong case?
3. How and when will I need to pay?

Also, don’t forget to take notes! This is great when it comes to comparing with your other consultations.

4. Assess and review the fees, costs and payment arrangements.

You don’t want to hire your attorney on cost alone, but it’s important you’re investing in what will be the best possible outcome for you and your family. Make sure to look at the hourly rate, retainer, flat fee and contingency fee.