Personal Injury Law

Slips & Falls

Most property and business owners have what is called “public risk insurance” as part of their general property insurance. That public liability is to cover liability to people who sustain personal injuries on those premises ONLY when they can prove that their injury was caused as a result of the negligence and/or breach of duty of care owed to them by the owner and/or occupier.

Injured persons could lodge a public liability claim in these circumstances. In order to succeed in such a claim, it would be necessary to prove that the owner and/or occupier were negligent. This negligence may arise from not implementing proper cleaning systems resulting in injuries. In such cases, insurers often deny liability for injuries.

In such circumstances, injured persons may be entitled to claim damages for pain and suffering, lost income (past and future) and treatment expenses. They may also be entitled to receive a contribution towards their legal fees. Strict time limits apply so it is prudent to obtain legal advice as soon as possible.

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