Cultivation and trafficking of cannabis

Charges and penalties for cultivation of cannabis will differ based on the quantity of the drug, and whether the intended use is personal or for trafficking.

Definitions of quantities and penalties are as follows:

  • Large commercial quantity (100 plants or 2kg)—maximum fine of $500,000 and/or life in prison
  • Commercial quantity (20 plants or 1kg)— maximum fine of $200,000 and/ or 25 years in prison
  • Trafficable quantity (10 plants or 250g)—maximum fine of $50,000 and/or 10 years in prison
  • More than 5 plants but less than 10—maximum fine of $2000 and/ or 2 years in prison
  • More than 1 plant but less than 5— maximum fine of $1000 or 6 months in prison
  • 1 plant—see simple drug offence