Dangerous Driving / Causing serious motor vehicle accident / Causing Death or harm

Dangerous Driving / Causing Death or Harm

When driving a motor vehicle, you are obliged to do so in a manner that is not negligent, reckless or at an excessive speed. When this behaviour results in a person’s death or injury, you may be charged with Dangerous Driving / Causing Death or Harm, which is a major indictable offence.

Penalties for this charge: Penalties for this charge will differ depending on whether the incident was aggravated or not. For a basic offence, the maximum sentence would be 15 years of imprisonment. If the offence is aggravated or for a second offence, the maximum penalty is life in prison. You may also face a driving disqualification of 10 years +.

Things to consider: The decision to plead guilty or not can come with severe implications and, in some cases, negotiation of lesser penalties can be sought. Seeking legal advice  first is always recommended.