Disorderly Behaviour

Disorderly Behaviour / Affray

If you behave in a way that threatens violence, causes offence or is considered disorderly by law, you may be charged with Disorderly Behaviour or Affray.

Disorderly Behaviour

Disorderly behaviour refers to a person acting in a way deemed to be deliberately or consciously disorderly or offensive to those around them, most commonly in a public space.

The maximum penalty for this offence is a fine of $1200 or 3 months in prison.


Affray refers to when a person uses or threatens violence against another person, with them fearing for their safety as a result. Affray can involve more than one person and, in these situations, the behaviour of all people within a group is considered.

For a simple offence, the maximum penalty is 3 years in prison. If the offence is considered to be aggravated, meaning additional factors are involved, the maximum penalty is 5 years in prison.